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Random Acts of Kindness

One passion I have always had is to always bring more kindness into the world. I alway try to be kind everywhere I go even if it is just a smile, a compliment, holding the door for someone, or even buying their coffee. I love to see the domino affect that it leaves on people. It truly makes my heart so happy. 

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ― Aesop

During the holiday seasons I see more and more people showing negativity and rudeness to others due to the stress of all the hustle and bustle that holidays can bring on. I want to change that and I need your help. Let’s spread kindness around to ALL that we come in contact with. Yes I said all, because being kind to those people who make it so very difficult is the most important. Sometimes, it can be the littlest things that truly make a difference in someone’s life.

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My adorable and so very creative friend, Rebecca Giese from Southern’spirations took a vision I have had for years and put it to life with these Random Acts of Kindness cards. I am always completely amazed by her work and these just blew me away.

Rebecca and I want to include you on this fun activity as we complete many different random acts of kindness over the next few weeks! So for the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we challenge each of you to print these Random Acts of Kindness cards out and use them to scatter a little bit of kindness everywhere you go. We have curated a list of 25 different acts of kindness you can do, but the options are truly limitless. Whatever you do with these cards, just know you will be brightening someone else day and maybe even changing their whole outlook on things. 

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Random acts of kindness list + spreading kindness

We would love to hear about your Random Acts of Kindness stories whether you were on the giving end or the receiving end. Please share them on our Instagram accounts or in the comments below so we can repost your stories.

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