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Getting Organized - Name Labels for Kids

kids name labels

Labeling everything is one of those things I just LOVE to do! Maybe it is because I have a better chance of not losing things since I have a very bad tendency of doing that, but who knows! I know that not labeling Emersyn’s stuff was one of those rookie mom mistakes on my part that I will definitely not be making again. When Em first started going to mothers day out, she came home with permanent marker on half of her things and I was immediately frustrated even though it was my own fault for not labeling her things. Somehow it was just not on the top of my to-do list but it definitely should have been and is now for sure!

Luckily, we recently found Name Bubbles which are personalized labels to put on your Childs clothing, lunchbox, cup, etc. and they are a life saver for us! I am now able to put Name Bubbles on all of Emersyn’s belongings so that we can keep track of her stuff without writing all over it. The best part about these labels besides how cute they are is that they are dishwasher and laundry safe which is such a game changer if you ask me. Before posting this, I tested both sets of labels out and they held up amazing in the laundry and the dishwasher.

One of the other ways we have used these labels is to identify right and left shoes for Emersyn. We have been working on this and she is already catching on after I put Name Bubbles in her shoes. This would be a great teaching lesson for your children also and it will definitely help you out so your not constantly switching those shoes around after they put them on.

Going into the new year one of my main goals was to get more organized and declutter. These labels have really helped feel me more organized and have helped us keep up with everything and not lose so many things due to names not being on things.

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