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How to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays!


It’s that time of year again!! All of the fun holiday festivities have begun and the temptations of all of the yummy snacks and drinks are among us. Just because your schedule seems a little more busy that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to all of your hard work you have put in though. You are probably wondering how to go to all of these fun events without indulging constantly. Don’t worry, I am here to provide you with ways you can stay healthy to help you stay on track this holiday season.

Below, I’ll show you a few ways to help you stay healthy through the holidays, while still enjoying all that this season has to offer!

Plan Ahead

If you know that you have a party to attend one evening, plan to eat healthy that day and try to get a workout in beforehand. Even if you can only go on a brisk walk or do a quick run, do it! Staying active during the holiday season is very important to not put on those extra holiday pounds. 

Another way you can plan ahead is to eat a healthy meal before you go so that you will be less hungry. Heading to a party hungry is never a good idea. How many of you have gone to a party hungry and stuffed your face with anything you saw? I know I have and I always hate how I feel after! So the way I do it is if I have multiple events in one week I tend to pick one that I will eat before I go and maybe just indulge in a small dessert or a little snack while I am there. I may also eat a nutritious snack before going so that I can eat more mindfully while I am there.

Make a healthy dish!

This has always been my favorite because I can still go to the party and indulge in the food. This time I know exactly what I am eating and I can feel confident while eating it. If I have multiple friends going to the party we tend to plan a few healthy things to bring so we can all enjoy ourselves while not feeling guilty at the end of the night. Don’t worry we still sneak a few treats here and there though!

Get active

Trying to stick to a strict workout routine can be very hard this time of the year when you have something to do almost everyday of the week in addition to your normal schedule. Instead of stressing yourself out trying to do it all, just use your time at home to get in a quick workout before you head out. Take time on your lunch break to go for a walk instead of sitting down eating lunch.

When you are spending time with your family and friends through the holidays, try and add in a fun activity that involves you getting moving. A hike, walking to see Christmas lights instead of driving, even just chasing the kids around could all be ways to get active while still enjoying quality time with family.

I have been using the SWEAT app lately and it has been a great way for me to stay motivated while at home. Having a workout planned out and right in front of me is always very helpful to me. There is something for everyone on the app so my whole family can get involved with me too.

With all of this said, DONT STRESS yourself out and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. If you want a cookie then have it, just try not to over do it but if you do it’s okay. Go for a walk and start fresh the next day!