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A little bit about me and This Life From the Heart!

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About the Blog

This Life from the Heart was started on the reality that there is so much more behind being a mom than people tend to portray. I for one was one of those women who stood back watching others just wishing my life could look as great as everyone else's was. The Lord quickly reminded me that I do in fact have a life that is beautiful and it is the life that God has given me. It may not always be Instagram worthy but it sure is beautiful! With my blog I plan to share with each of you a little piece of my heart as I go through daily life as a mother and wife. I hope after you read my blog you feel that "Oh that's not just me" feeling and that you leave feeling encouraged and inspired! I also hope to share with you some of my favorite recipes, life hacks, fashion, and all about my love for health and fitness. 

About Rachel

I am the mama to the precious and wild little 2 year old, Emersyn. I am the wife of Adam, the man who loves on and takes care of our family so very well. We live right outside of Birmingham, Alabama and love it here. We are both originally from Memphis, Tennessee but we have fallen in love with Sweet Home Alabama and cannot imagine ever leaving now, well for a long time at least! I absolutely love to travel and hope to visit every state in the next 10 years-I still haven't been out west so that is first on the list! I am a believer and my faith is my foundation on my life. I strive to share God's glory and love through everything I say, think, and do and hope that you find just that throughout my blog! I am a lover of coffee, wine, sushi and pizza! I love many other things but these are just a few of my favorites! I have loved learning how to cook new and healthy recipes and experimenting with fun cocktails, although I really loved to go out to eat and try new places the most (aka no dishes for this mama).